Diary of a Supernatural (Album Reviews) 

MCskill ThaPreacha’s much awaited album Diary of a Supernatural was released on Friday, December 16th 2016. The 20 track rap album produced in its entirety by seasoned producer Stormatique has been rated CLASSIC by multiple credible sources. 

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“MC Skill is a legend, living amongst us. You might consider this a premature conclusion but guess what, I made the judgement way before this album was even conceptualized. So, like a sack, your opinion necessarily won’t hold water” – All Around Africa

“MCskill ThaPreacha sets his stage on fire with a 5-mic performance on Diary Of A Supernatural. Songs like “Man In The Mirror”, “Family Over Everything”, “Dear Daughter” and “Black Child” (just to mention a few) reveals MCskill ThaPreacha’s heightened sense of mastery in the arts of lyricism and storytelling” – Music Unites Africa

“In a world where hip hop has been misconceived and abused, MCskill ThaPreacha resurrects hip hop (in Africa and around the world) on this epic Pan-African hip-hop “Diary Of A Supernatural” album. MCskill presents hip hop as a glorious magnificent craft risen from its ashes of commercialism and flabbergasted flamboyance and immersed in immateriality” – Music Unites Africa

“Diary Of A Supernatural is a good conscious album with decent replay value. One that will be appreciated by die hard Skill fans and also newcomers like myself. Subject matter is at a high level which will only end up in making the album last longer” – Creative-HipHop

“The album is indeed a diary, woven with tales of intrigue, inspiration, and intimate passion, with each track embodying a defining chapter for the speaker while at the same time inviting the listener to inhabit the same experience” – RAPstation

“P stands for prayers you gotta do God’s work/and anything you do, you gotta put God first/ don;t be obsessed with these devilish cats” are lyrics that sum up what this album is all about. “Diary Of A Supernatural” is an album that will encourage its listeners to build one with another” – SpitFireHipHop

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