MCskill ThaPreacha – DOAS Album Done (Freestyle)

Nigerian rapper MCskill ThaPreacha delivers a politically charged Nas inspired freestyle over DJ Khaled’s Nas Album Done instrumental and he calls this DOAS Album Done.

DOAS meaning Diary Of A Supernatural will be the rapper’s 8th body of work. The album is ready and a release date will be announced soon. 




A divine leader, that’s right, divine preacha

Always speak truth out my mouth like madiba

Mine’s deeper, old school like a margarita

I get better with age, not like the system in Nigeria

Syria, the government all they want is minerals

Ruining us, When we come together now its funeral

Militants running the show now its pitiful

Economic recession is killing us

Switch! like a semi auto, I’m all equipped

Never been illegal my whole life, all legit

Keep it clean but stinking money is the just the deal

That type of stinking money the government steals

Taxes? that’s for the masses

What’s the perfect time for revolution? Gotta take your chances

The president confused, Now we eating dust

2019 the year we gonna fix this huh?

Major key poetry mixed with Hennessey 

Its like a Shakespeare cadence, all legendary

Oh yeah i killed this one and i ain’t done

You should know the supernatural season has just begun

In my country, What i do for Hip Hop is underrated

Let’s face it, i put us on the map, The magazine pages

The most anticipated, the underground saviour

My album finally done, its coming! keep waiting


My brand getting global recognition, you should know! that’s a major key

My album getting sold out, ain’t even out yet,  that’s a major key

You don’t like me? I love ya! Love is the essence, its the major key

How we gon unify? Find peace in yourself, that’s the major key x2

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